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Modified on Tue, 12 Mar 2024 at 05:33 PM

This tool allows authorized users to compare their offerings and performance against other providers in real time. The service provides a real-time comparison of sports types and fixtures specifically for in-play coverage.

Here's a step-by-step guide on navigating and utilizing this service's features.

  1. Accessing the Provider Smart Suggestion Tab:

    1. Log in to the monitoring system using your authorized credentials.

    2. Navigate to the "Provider Smart Suggestion" tab.

  2. Initial State:

    1. Upon entering the tab, you'll see the comparison bar containing provider list dropdowns.

    2. The first dropdown allows you to select the provider for comparison.

    3. The second dropdown lets you choose up to 5 other providers for comparison.

  3. Provider Selection and Comparison:
    1. Choose Inplay or Prematch package type on the right side.

    2. Select a provider from the first dropdown.

    3. Select up to 5 other providers from the second dropdown.

    4. An inner search option is available within the dropdowns for easy provider selection.

    5. Once both dropdowns are selected, the 'Compare' button will activate.

  4. Clearing Selections:
    1. After activating the "Compare" button, a "Clear All" button will appear.

    2. Clicking on the "Clear All" button will reset the page to its initial state, clearing the table and dropdown selections.

  5. Triggering Comparison:
    1. Click on the "Compare" button to initiate the comparison.

    2. The comparison outcome will be displayed in a table format, indicating the list of fixtures offered by the compared providers (second dropdown) and not offered by the selected provider (first dropdown).

  6. Comparison Outcome:
    1. The table will show relevant sports types containing fixtures based on the selected providers' comparison.

    2. The number of fixtures per sport type resulting from the comparison will be displayed next to each sport type.

  7. Navigating Between Sport Types:

    1. You can navigate between different sports types.

    2. The comparison bar details will be saved, and the table will dynamically update to display fixtures specific to the selected sport type.

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