Monitoring main screen

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Welcome to the main monitoring screen guide. Here you'll find all the information you need to effectively track fixtures across the platform. We'll walk you through the fixture display logic, including how to customize the Fixture Table Display or choose to display fixtures from a specific provider.

Fixture display logic:


  • ‘NSY'- start date+ status should be displayed if we have at least one market with open odds on inplay

  • 'About to start'

  • ‘In progress'

  • 'Interrupted' - status should be displayed for 48 hours from the start date

  • The following status will not be displayed: 

    • 'Lost coverage' - status should not be displayed at all during live

    • ‘Finished’ 


  • ‘NSY'- as long as the start date is valid

  • 'About to start' - status should be displayed until the fixture's status changes to one of the 'inplay' statuses. 

  • The following statuses will not be displayed:

    • 'Postponed' 

    • 'Abandoned'
    • 'Finished'

    • 'Canceled'

Sports bar - sports type display logic

 the sport types will be displayed on the upper part of the table.  

  • The sports type will be displayed in the following order:

    • The sport with the biggest number of fixtures will be the first one

    • All the other sports-type will be displayed in order to their fixture numbers

  • On the upper right side of each sports icon, an 'X' icon will be displyed on mouse hover.

Odds format:

  • You can change the odds format to one of the following options:
    • Fractional
    • American
    • Malay
    • Indonesian
    • Hong Kong

  • Once you will change the odds format, the odds in the main screen and in the curtains will be change accordengly


  • You can search by the fixture name or the fixture ID, and it refers only to the sports table you are on 

Table sorting:

by default, the table is sorted according to as follows:

  • Filtered by the sport
    • Location
      • Competition
        • Fixture1
        • Fixture x

Racing sports:

  • For racing sports (on prematch), only the following columns are displayed: 

    • Location 

    • Competition 

    • Races 

      • The round button includes the round’s number and the round’s start time

      • You can click on the round button. On click, you will be navigated to this round's markets 

      • Note that only the relevant rounds will be displayed on the main table screen

Filter action:

  • You can filter the following columns:
    • Location 
    • Competition
    • Status 
    • Start date - on prematch 

Filter fixtures' view by selection of specific provider:

  • On the sports bar, next to the sports filter, there is a dropdown of all LSports supported providers 

    • By default, the fixtures will not be filtered by a specific provider  

    • You can click on the provider selection dropdown and a list with all supported providers will be displayed. 

    • You can search by a specific provider

    • only one provider can be selected
    • Next to each provider’s name in the list, the amount of fixtures that he covered is displayed

      • Once you choose the provider- the sports bar will be reloaded

      • The sports type and the fixtures' amount will be updated according to the selected provider.

      • If there will be no fixtures to display for a specific sports type- this sports type will not be displayed on the sports bar.  

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