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Hello there! Before you dive into the document, we'd like to offer you a warm welcome. We've reorganized the guide for a smoother experience. Please follow the steps sequentially to ensure the best outcome. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.


1. Setting Up the Basics

 Download and Configure

Download: Begin by downloading the C# example.

Code Configuration:

  - Adjust settings in `STMLSportsConnector\LsportsRunner\App.config` file:

    - `connectodatabase`: Set to `false` for initial testing. Remember to set it to `true` later.

    - `RmqServerPM`: Configure this if you're working with prematch data.

    - `RmqServer`: Configure for in-play data.


2. Data Transformation  

Get your data in the right shape with the following functions:


Mapping & Conversion:

  - `MatchLeagueWithSystem`: For sports mapping.

  - `StartupConfigurationDataTransformation`: To mask numbers if you want to reassign rotations.

  - `StartupConfigurationDataTransformation` (type mapping): Specify what defines spread, moneyline, total, and contest (a lot of mappings are pre-set).

  - `StartupConfigurationDataTransformation` (period mapping): Define terms like half time, game, 1st half, etc.

  - `TransformSportSub`: For any league-specific alterations.

  - `TransformTeamsByMarket` and `MapNames`: Convert team shorthand like 1, 2, x to actual team names.


Special Adjustments:

  - `TransformHeader`: Special transformations for game headers.

  - `Alorvs`: Modify necder values if required.

  - `Truncate function`: Use this to truncate data when necessary.


3. Map to Your System

Grouping and mapping functions to ensure data consistency:


* `GetPeriodFromMarket`: Map periods per sport with this function.

* `GetGBSPeriod`: Essential for mapping periods concerning score grading.

* `GroupUnique`: Group events under one game or opt for no grouping to create individual games for each market.


4. Database Setup

Connect your database and set up the required procedures:


Configure the database connection by editing `STMLSportsConnector\LsportsRunner\App.config` file.

Set up these stored procedures:

  - `InsertScore`

  - `InsertContest`

  - `ParseContestContestants`

  - `ParseContestBets`

  - `ParseBets`


5. Go Live!


Publishing Your App:

1. Compile the program and run the executable on a server.

2. Use a task scheduler to restart the application every day at 3 am.


Trade360 UI Tutorials:

For additional help and an intuitive configuration process, don't forget to go through our UI Tutorials.


Our Market Coverage Sheet:

Make sure to refer to our Market Coverage Sheet for a detailed insight.


Final Checks:

Connect with your Customer Service Manager (CSM) to validate your entire integration process. Once you're all set, launch and get started!


Thank you for choosing our service, and we wish you a smooth integration process. Have a great day!

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