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Welcome to the Odds Settings guide. Here you'll find all the information you need to select and configure markets you want to receive odds updates for fixtures within a specific hierarchy.


Navigate to the odds settings:

Navigate to the odds setting from the Trading Floor screen or the Fixture Ordering screen. Simply hover the fixture list, and click the pencil icon on the left side.



Note: If you have not set up the odd settings for a particular group (such as fixture, competition, location, or sport), the odds settings window will appear automatically when you click the "Order" button for that group.


Inheriting a group’s odds settings 

If the specific hierarchy does not have its own odds settings, it will inherit those from the upper hierarchy, depending on where you are in the hierarchy (Location/Competition/Fixture). For example, if the events are grouped/filtered by competition (competition will be the default level) and the odd settings are set at this level, all the competitions ordered will have the same odd settings.




Configuring the odds settings 

Note: It is possible to configure multiple markets or a single market.


To configure: 

  • Choose the markets you want to get odds for, you can select a defended template from the drop-down list.
  • If you make changes to a template, please note that they will not be saved to the original template. Instead, they will be saved as a regular odd setting, disconnected from the template.
  • For each market, you can do the following: 
    • Select a Provider list. Under Providers List, click on the provider’s name to select it. Odds will be averaged according to the selected provider list. 
    •  Configure the following settings for the selected market: 
  • Margin –  set the percentage of profit you want to receive in this market. 
  • Min Difference – set the change in the odds (in percentage) you want to receive between market updates on a specific market.  
  • Min-Max Odds – set the highest and the lowest odds you will allow. Odds outside this range will be suspended.
  •  Select an action to be taken when an odd is outside the Min-Max range (Out of Odds Range Actions): 
    • Suspend Bet 
    • Suspend Line 
    • Suspend Market
  • Keep Price in Range – allow the provider’s odds to pass, even though they are outside the Min-Max range, and sets the odds at the lowest or highest range. 
  • Line Settings – select the line types you wish to receive for the market or whether you want to receive specific number of lines. 
    • To add or remove ½, ¼, or 1 line, click the line type to disable/enable it.  
    • To limit the number of lines you wish to display in your platform, click the maximum lines and choose one of the following options from the dropdown list: 
      • No limit
      • Main line only
      • Specific number of lines


  • The "No limit" and "Main Line Only" setting can only be set on a market with lines (e.g., "Asian Handicap").
    For "Main Line Only" settings, the odds you will receive will only include the main line, the line with the closest to break even.
    For "No Limit" settings, the odds you will receive will be all the lines available for the market.  
  • The setting of number of lines can only be set on a market with lines belonging to the "Asian Handicap" and "Under/Over".
    • The calculation of the maximum number of lines will consider the main line as well as the number of lines both above and below it.

    • For cases when the lines above and below aren't equal due to unavailability, the calculation will be based on the available lines.

  •  Please note that the default setting of the package is 'No Limit' until modified. 

  • More info can be found here.


Continue to configure the odds settings for the rest of the markets you selected. 

Click Save Changes

The odds settings will be applied to the orders according to their level in the Group hierarchy. 


To delete a market: 

 Click on the trash been in the market’s row. 




Configure multiple markets:


  • To Configure the odds of multiple markets, choose the desired markets by clicking the checkbox.
  • In the first line (Edit for all selected markets line), edit all the settings.



'LSports Settings' button

The LSports settings button is a useful tool for swiftly configuring odds settings, with settings that have already been configurated.

  • This option is available for sports types that include an LSports template.
  • ‘LSports Settings’ button will trigger the odds settings to display the configuration as defined in LSports template for this sport type.
  • You have the option to edit the settings as you wish.
  • Note that saving ‘LSports Settings’ will override existing odds settings and apply LSports settings.







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