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Welcome to the Trading Floor guide. Here you can learn how to view and filter sports fixtures by start date, status, competition, location, and main markets. The sports bar displays only the ordered sports types, and you can change the odds format to your preference. You can also filter fixtures by sport and save your filter selections for future use. You can also manually suspend/unsuspend all fixtures, specific markets, or lines. Use the search bar to filter by market name and ID, and check the Distributor feature to view the status of your messages.

Main screen: 

Sports bar:

  • The sports bar will only display the ordered sports types. 
  • In case there are no ordered fixtures in a specific sport's type, it won't be displayed on the sub bar.
  • The order of sports will be determined by the number of fixtures, with the sport having the highest number of fixtures appearing first, followed by the other sports arranged in descending order of the number of fixtures.
  • To add sport types or select the required sport types, click on the 'select sports' button and check the desired sports type from the available options.

Table columns are: 


  • Start date
  • Location
  • Competition
  • Fixture ID
  • Fixture name 
  • Status
  • Main markets 


  • Start date
  • Real time (game period)
  • Location
  • Competition
  • Fixture ID
  • Fixture name
  • Status
  • Main markets 

Fixtures status:

  • InPlay:
    • NSY
    • About to start
    • In Progress
    • Lost Coverage
    • Interrupted- those fixtures will be displayed 48 hours from the start date 
  • PreMatch: 
    • NSY
    • About To Start
    • Lost Coverage (only if this fixture status was not on In Progress before he became Lost Coverage)
    • Postponed-those fixtures will be displayed 48 hours from the start date



Odds Format

You can change the odds format on the trading floor. you can view odds in the following formats: 

  • Decimal 
  • Fractional 
  • American 
  • Malay 
  • Indonesian 
  • Hong Kong 



Filtering the trading floor table

Filter by sport:

To select a specific sport, simply click on its corresponding icon in the sports bar. If you wish to add additional sports to the bar, click on the 'Select Sport' button.



Filter by ordered fixtures:

  • Click on the filter icon located above the Location and/or Competition columns. This will display a drop-down list of available options.
  • To filter your ordered fixtures based on specific locations or competitions, simply click on the check box next to them. The table will automatically adjust to display only the relevant data. If you wish to view the same filtered sports the next time you access the Trading Floor, in the InPlay screen, you can save your filter selections for future use.
  • To remove the saved filter, click X by its name.



By clicking on each fixture row, you can access 'Market Odds' (represented by a square icon). next to this tab, you can find the  'Odds Settings' screen.

By hovering on each fixture row and click on the 'fixture logs' button, you can access the specific 'fixture logs' message screen 

In addition, by hovering the following columns, you can  'copy' the value: fixture ID, fixture name, competition, and location.


Scoreboard (InPlay only) 

  • The scoreboard provides a comprehensive overview of all the incidents that have taken place in a selected fixture.
  • The scoreboard is divided into three sections. The first section displays all the incidents that have occurred during the selected fixture. The second section provides detailed statistics related to the game, while the third section shows the score breakdown for each period of the match. 

If you are viewing an outright sports event, you will see a 'Participants' button displayed. Clicking on this button will reveal a list of all the participants involved in the event.



Markets odds: 

  • You can view the odds you received on a line-by-line basis.

Note: Since the game is in progress, the odds are constantly changing.


You have the option to filter the markets and see only the open markets.

Bet suspension:

Bet suspension reasons:

  • In the event of a bet suspension, the system will include the suspension reason as part of the bet element in the market update message.
  • The suspension reason will appear in the message sent through the RMQ, and in the message displayed in the fixture log's view on the website. 
  • If a bet is suspended, the trading floor system will display the suspension reason as a tooltip when you hover your mouse over the suspended bet. This information will be available to you as part of the trading floor interface.


Suspension types:

  • ‘Suspend all'- all the fixture's markets should be suspended. 
  • ‘Suspend all’- all the markets should be inactivated.
  • ‘Suspend market’ - only this market should be suspended.
  • ‘Suspend line’ – only this line should be suspended.


Manual suspension:

  • The manual suspension allows you to suspend/unsuspend all fixture’s odds, or specific markets/lines. 
  • From the trading floor screens, all fixture markets can be suspended in an easy and quick manner by clicking on the ‘Suspend all’ button. The button will be colored in red, and all suspended markets will be framed in a red line. To remove and deactivate the manual suspension afterward, you should click on the same button. 


Searching ability:

  • Search by market name and market ID.
  • The screen will be filtered by searching.

Distributor information:

To check the status of your messages for your InPlay and PreMatch packages, simply click on 'Distributor' located on the top right-hand side of your screen. From there, you'll be able to view the current status of your messages.


Logo, company name

Description automatically generated

It's important to note that the Distributor feature will appear in green if you are currently online, and in red if you are offline. 


You have the ability to view any messages that are currently waiting for you in a queue:

  • Number of incoming messages per second.
  • Number of outcoming messages per second.
  • Whether you are connected to RabbitMQ.

Note: If you are experiencing technical problems, the message will start accumulating in the queue. When there are 10,000 messages in the queue, they will be deleted from the queue.

To connect to RabbitMQ:

  • Click Online and click Confirm.
  • To disconnect, click Offline.

For a detailed explanation of how to set up RabbitMQ, refer to the Connect to LSports - RabbitMQ document.



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