Fixture Ordering

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Welcome to the Fixture Ordering guide. Here you'll find all the information you need to effectively order and manage fixtures across a variety of hierarchies and display options. Learn to sort fixtures by sport, location, competition, or individual fixtures themselves. In this guide, we'll walk you through the various options available to you, including how to customize the Fixture Table Display, order, remove ordering and set odds settings.


Main Screen:

  • For In InPlay, the screen will display the fixtures with the following status:
    • NSY 
    • About to Start 
    • In Progress 
    • Lost Coverage 
    • Interrupted (max 5 days from start date)
    • Postponed
  • For PreMatch, the screen will display the fixtures with the following status:
    • NSY 
    • About to Start 
    • Postponed
  • The headline section provides you with key package information, including your package ID and the number of days remaining on your contract. Additionally, there is a search box available for your convenience.
  • Ordering fixtures can be done in each one of the following hierarchy levels: sport, location, competition, and fixtures, both in InPlay or PreMatch.

Fixture Table Display:

The Fixture Table Display can be customized in four different ways:

  • Sport type
  • Location
  • Competition (This display type will be automatically shown unless you change it manually)
  • Fixture

The fixture table display offers you the flexibility to view and order fixtures according to your preferences, in a way that is easy and convenient for you.
In every display type, the table columns are designed to show all the relevant information.



Using this search, you can find sport, location, competition, or fixture level a specific fixture no matter what sports type table you're on.

Local and Global Search: The search capability is divided into two distinct sections: local search and global search.

  • Local Search: This is applied to the specific screen you are currently on, allowing you to perform a targeted search within your existing context.

    • By typing the search value and clicking on 'enter', the search will apply on the local search by default  

  • Global Search: Located next to the 'All Sports' button on the sports bar, the global search offers you an expanded search area. Upon entering your search criteria, a new table will be displayed based on the selected hierarchy, providing a comprehensive overview of the search results. 

    • By typing the search value and clicking on the ' all sports' results, the search will apply for all sports type

Save Search Table:  your search table will be saved throughout your session, enabling you to refer back to the results as your navigate the platform. However, please note that once the page is refreshed, the saved search will not persist and will be cleared. 

Tables columns are:

  • Sport typethe sport types will be displayed on the upper part of the navigation bar.

You can select which sport types you would like to have on display in the sports bar by selecting them in the drop-down list under “Sport Types”.
Removing a sport type from the display bar will not delete it from your package.



  1. LocationA list of all locations according to selected sports.
  2. Competition- A list of all competitions according to selected sports.
  3. Setting level- This indicates the level of configuration from which this fixture inherits market settings.
    1. The value will change based on the most recent settings update.
    2. For example, for the "Competition" level, all the odds settings and market configurations will be inherited by the sports/location levels unless you define settings on the 'Competition' level.
  4. Template name – The name given to the template.
  5. Lower-level orders - The indication of "orders in the lower level" will be displayed for informational purposes only. The indication will refer to the closest level that has orders.
  6. Data limit (in PreMatch only)-
    1. The data limit feature allows you to set a daily limit for receiving information, particularly useful when you only require data leading up to the start of a fixture and not beyond. You can define on the ‘odds settings’ screen, the period for which you want to receive data, and once the limit is set, you will not receive any messages before that defined period.
      • If you set the data limit to "0", it means that there is no limit, and you will receive all available data for the fixture.
      • By inserting a specific number of days, the data will be limited from the fixture's start date to the number of days you have set.
    2. The data limit does not apply when ordering a specific fixture.

  7. Order status- the status of the order. You can filter the entities according to their status. 
    • The column will show the following order statuses: 
      • Ordered – a green icon will be displayed. 
      • Not ordered – no icon will be displayed.

In the Fixture Display Mode, the table columns will additionally include the following information:

  • Fixture (relevant for In InPlay package only)-
  •  Fixture ID- The ID of the fixture.
  • Start date- Date and time of the fixture.
  • Fixture status- Current status of the fixture.


To select the desired way to display the fixture table, do as following:

  • Click on the desired sport type you would like to view fixtures for.
    For example, if you choose Football, all Football fixtures will be displayed, and the first hierarchy that you will see is the ‘Competition’.



Fixture Ordering actions: 

  • To make an order of a fixture, hover on the fixture list and click on the blue order icon located on the left side. 
  • You can only order sport types that are included in your contract (PreMatch only). Without a package subscription for a specific sport, the corresponding events and fixtures will not be visible.
  • The order button will be disabled until you configure the odds settings. 


  • Auto subscription: When placing an order for a sport, all fixtures for that sport and any new competitions that have not yet started will be automatically included in the order. Similarly, when subscribing to a competition, any new fixtures added to that competition in the future will also be included. The same goes for location subscriptions, where any new fixtures added to that location will also be included in the subscription.
  • When ordering a sport, location, competition, or fixture, the order button will only be enabled if you have configured the package configuration and odds settings for the respective hierarchy level. If the odds settings are not configured for the upper levels, clicking the order button will redirect you to the odds settings screen.
  • While ordering an entity for the first time, you will have to configure the settings by clicking on the pencil icon, otherwise, you will not be able to make an order. 
  • Ordering in bulk will only be possible for units with existing odds settings. 
  • In case there are settings, and the events are not ordered yet:
  1. When you click on the "Odds settings" button, a curtain with odds settings will appear. You can modify the settings as per your preferences, and then click on the "Save changes" button to save the changes.
  2. The "Order" button, once clicked, will send the event's status and save it in the database.
  3. Upon successfully placing an order, an 'Order' indication will appear in the fixture status column.
  • In case there are settings, and the events were ordered:
    • Clicking on the ‘Odds settings’ button will open the odds settings curtain. After you make changes to your settings, a ‘Save changes’ button will be displayed.
  • Upon ordering InPlay/ PreMatch fixture:
    1. An indication is displayed to you on the 'Fixture Ordering' screen.
    2. A message is sent to you with the fixture details. 
  • Once the fixture receives the status "Finished" or "Abandoned", it will be displayed in the Fixture Log screen.
  • Ability to receive InPlay odds on fixtures without livescore coverage: 
    1. Fixtures with no livescore but with InPlay odds will remain in status ‘NSY’ and will not receive ‘in progress’ status. 
      1. The status transition for these fixtures will be from NSY to Finished.

Edit the odds settings-

  • The hierarchy of the configuration is as follows: package configuration at the top, followed by sport, location, competition, and fixture in descending order of specificity.
  • Note that the settings configured at a higher level in the hierarchy will affect the settings of all levels below it unless specific settings have already been configured for those levels.
  • Note that if you update your configuration at the package level, but a different setting has already been configured for a specific competition, the new package level setting will not override it. Only when you cancel the settings at the competition level will the competition receive the new configuration from the package level.


Remove an order

  • It is possible to cancel a subscription for a specific sport, location, or competition by removing it from the list of subscribed items, by clicking on the trash bin icon.

  • When removing an ordered component in the hierarchy, all fixtures related to the component will be removed automatically.  In case you want to unsubscribe from a sport or location, you will automatically unsubscribe from all competitions under the relevant source.

    If a fixture from the unsubscribed competition is already in progress:
    1. All relevant markets will be suspended, and all odds will be sent with a suspended status.
    2. The fixture will be recorded as ordered in the system.
    3. An end of event message for the livescore will be sent.
    4. A Fixture end of event message will be sent.
    5. Settlement for bets will be sent.
    6. For the NSY fixtures (yet to start) from the unsubscribed competition –
      1. The fixture won't be counted for you as an ordered one.
      2. All fixture markets are sent with suspension.
      3. You won't get any updates when the fixtures are started.
    7. If the unsubscribe fixture is in lost coverage status-
      1. If the previous status was NSY/ ATS should behave like the logic for NSY.

If the previous status was in progress should behave like the logic for in progress

      Even if you unsubscibed from a fixture you will still receive the following messages:

  • Livescore FT

  • Settlements for all the received markets


Bulk actions for ordering and removing events:

  • Bulk actions for ordering and removing events are available. You can select multiple events by marking their checkboxes and then choose to remove or edit them in bulk. This feature allows for efficient management of many events at once. But it could happen only if there are odds settings.

Pending fixtures (InPlay only)

  • When you place an order for a specific fixture or at one of the hierarchy levels but there is insufficient quota, it means that you can only order a few events, or you cannot order that specific fixture with the current quota.
  • In this situation, display a pending icon in the order status column.
  • Once you receive a message indicating that there is not enough quota to fulfill an order on a specific fixture or hierarchy level, you have the option to remove existing events or proceed with new orders. However, any new orders made will be placed in a 'pending' status, meaning that no data will be sent to the customer until the quota has been updated.
  • If there are any pending fixtures due to insufficient quota, they will be displayed as follows: 
    1. A pending Icon in the 'Order status' column with the following tooltip: “Package quota limit exceeded”.
  • If you attempt to order the entire/sport/location/competition level but have a partial quota (e.g. 200 out of 500), the following message will be displayed: 
    1. A pending Icon in the 'Order status' column
    2. A message: “Not enough quota. <unordered fixtures number> are pending, <ordered fixtures number> were ordered”
    3. Example: “Not enough quota. 200 are pending, 500 were ordered”
  • Pending subscribe:
    1. In case you have subscribed to an InPaly competition and the number of fixtures under this competition is higher than your remaining quota for InPlay fixtures, the fixtures outside the quota will receive a new status called “Pending”.
      • Once you increase your quota - or a new cycle will begin for that matter, the pending subscribe fixtures will automatically move to subscribed fixtures status according to the ‘Start Date’ of the fixture and the remaining quota.
      • You will receive fixture messages on pending fixtures. Other than that, no message will be sent, and it won’t be counted in keep-alive messages as well.
      • GetSubscribedFixtures API will return a list of all subscribed and pending subscribed fixtures ID’s.



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