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Welcome to the guide on template configuration, a tool that allows you to customize a specific set of settings and apply them to any hierarchy level in the system. In this guide, you'll learn how to configure new template settings, edit an existing template, and delete a template. Keep in mind that templates should be customized according to the specific sport type, and this feature provides a flexible and efficient way to manage your system settings while ensuring consistency and accuracy. Additionally, you'll learn how to use the bulk edit mode to set the same settings for several markets at the same time.

Configure new template settings:
The Templates feature is a tool that enables you to tailor a specific setting and apply them to any hierarchy level in the system. If you apply a template to a higher hierarchy, all events ordered under that hierarchy will use those settings, and the odds will be recalculated accordingly. Additionally, if you apply a template to a lower hierarchy, it will override any higher hierarchy settings. This provides a flexible and efficient way to manage your system settings while ensuring consistency and accuracy.



  • In the configuration screen, click on the “templates” button to set template settings.
  • Note that you should choose the relevant package- InPlay or PreMatch.
  • You can filter by template name or by sports type.
  • The templates are limited up to 200 


Create a new template:

  • Click on the “New template icon”, to open the template creation window.
  •  Fill in a name for the template- you can choose and write any name you like; this name will present the template you will apply.
    • Template name validations: 
      • should contain at least 2-30 characters
      •  Can contain letters, numbers, ‘-', ‘/’  
  • Select a sport type from the list (you can choose only one sport type at a time)



  • Select your markets: choose your desired market from the drop-down list.
  • You can filter the markets as follows:
  1. To view premium markets only, click on the golden diamond icon. These markets are specifically available for customers who have included them in their package. 
  2. To view markets with an uneditable margin, simply click on the red "M" icon. These markets will have the margin automatically set as the average margin of the chosen providers and will be displayed as [-1].
  3. To view markets that are provided by a single provider only, simply click on the yellow hexagon icon. This will display markets that are exclusively provided by a single provider.
  4. View markets where settlements are supported or not supported, by clicking the flags icons.
  • You can choose to select an existing template from the “template list” and customize it to suit your needs (this step is optional).


  • LSports templates:
    • For your convince, LSports provides default settings for the following sports: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, and Baseball, which include various market settings. When you select one of these sports, you will be able to see the LSports templates that are available, which are designed to help you quickly configure your odds settings.
      In the InPlay package, all the sports types mentioned earlier are available for customers to use. However, for the PreMatch package, the availability of these sport types will depend on the initial configuration that was established during the pre-contract phase.
    • You have the option to apply the LSports template on the ‘Create a new template’ screen: In the “Select from a template” field, LSports default template will be displayed according to the chosen sport type.
    • You will need to provide the template with a new name (same as with the “select from a template” field).
    • Once you mark the LSports template and save it, the template will be under your package templates, and you will be able to edit it.
    • The System auto-creates the following, for LSports templates:
      • PreMatch and InPlay packages provider's lists will include at least 5 commonly used providers.
        1. Note that the providers in LSports’ list may change from time to time.
  1. Prematch and InPlay single-provider list will consist of a selected provider by LSports.
    • Prematch single provider may be different than the Inplay provider.
    • Note that the providers in LSports’ list may change from time to time.

LSports templates Notes:

  • There is no option to delete or edit Lsports Settings. Although, you can choose from the LSports setting list, edit as needed and save the changes as a new template.
  • If LSports updates its templates, your own templates will not be automatically updated, and you will need to apply the changes manually.


Bulk edit mode:
Set the same settings for several markets at the same time.


For each market, you can set the following configuration:

  • Provider list - choose your provider list for a specific market.
  • Margin - you can set different margins for each market.
  • Min difference - set a minimum difference that will not be sent for each market.
  • Min- Max odds - set a different odds range for each market. 
  • Out-of-range action – Select the action that will be taken when the odds fall outside the market range.
  • Odds ladder - you can choose an odds ladder per market.
  • Line settings - you can choose a line type you what to receive for each market that includes lines.
  • To edit each market, choose the market group to edit specific settings. 

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  • To delete all markets, mark the top checkbox.


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Edit an existing template:

Edit an existing template by clicking on the pencil icon.


Delete a template:

Delete a template by clicking the trash bin icon.



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