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Welcome to the Package Configuration guide. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about configuring your package settings. Whether you're choosing between InPlay or PreMatch, selecting your preferred message type, or deciding on your feed odds format. You'll also learn about setting data limits for PreMatch packages and configuring your default settings, including your default provider list, margin, minimum difference, min-max odds, out-of-range actions, and rounding rules.


Choosing between InPlay and PreMatch:

If your account only includes either the InPlay or PreMatch package, you'll only be able to access the corresponding tab while the other tab will be disabled.


  • Message type: Choose the message format you would like to receive: JSON or XML.
  • Feeds odds format: In addition to decimal format, you have the option to choose from a range of other odds formats such as Fractional, American, Malay, Indonesian, and Hong Kong. Simply select the format(s) that you would like to receive the odds in.
  • Data limit (for PreMatch packages only): Data Limit: provides the ability to configure the number of days prior to the fixture you expect the data to be sent. You can set it at various levels - sport/location/league, except fixture level.

    When set as 0 the there is no limit – data will be distributed as soon as it’s available.

    When set as 1 the data will be sent on the start date of the fixture.

    Note - this is relevant for prematch only.


Default configuration:

  • Default provider list: Selecting a default provider list is a crucial step in ensuring that your chosen markets are consistently provided with reliable odds. If a selected provider list is inadequate or unavailable, the system will automatically revert to your default list. So be sure to carefully consider and choose your default provider list to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Margin: Margin is the percentage of profit to be received in a specific market. It is the difference between the odds offered by the bookmaker and the true probability of the outcome occurring.
  • Min difference: The Minimum Difference represents the minimum percentage change in odds that you wish to receive during market updates for a specific market.
  • Min-max odds: Min-Max odds are the highest and the lowest odds you allow.  
  • Out-of-range’ actions: Out-of-range actions are the actions you would like to be applied once your market odds go out of range of the defined Min-Max range.
     You can choose to: suspend a bet, suspend a line, suspend a market, or keep the price in the min-max range. 
  • Line Settings – Limiting the number of lines you wish to display in your platform, click the dropdown list to select one of the options: 
    • No limit
    • Main line only
    • Specific number of lines

            Please note that the default setting is 'No Limit' until modified. 

  • The "No limit" and "Main Line Only" setting will only be applied on a market with lines (e.g., "Asian Handicap").
    For "Main Line Only" settings, the odds you will receive will only include the main line, the line with the closest to break even.
    For "No Limit" settings, the odds you will receive will be all the lines available for the market.  
  • The setting of number of lines will only be applied on a market with lines belonging to the "Asian Handicap" and "Under/Over".
    • The calculation of the maximum number of lines will consider the main line as well as the number of lines both above and below it.

    • For cases when the lines above and below aren't equal due to unavailability, the calculation will be based on the available lines.

  • You have the option to define a maximum number of lines per market, which will take precedence over the package configuration. 
  • Selecting one of the line options for a package will result in a change in the number of lines for all markets within that package, except for those that have been individually configured by you. 
  • Modifying the 'Number of Lines' setting for a package that already has a configuration will only affect new markets added to the package.
  • More info can be found here.

Rounding rules: 

Odds rounding rules are the rounding rules applied to the odds you receive; you can choose to receive from 0 to 4 digits after the decimal point. 


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