BetBooster widget FAQ

Modified on Thu, 29 Sep 2022 at 09:07 AM

  1. From where are you pulling the odds? 
    1. We are using the markets’ mappings and the BetMarkets data delivered to the widget, so that tips will use your exact information without any delay.
  2. How can I learn which matches have tips and which don’t? 
    1. The information on which matches have tips is only available after the widget is initialized. Only a handful of matches will not be covered by betting tips. Having said that, we supply explanations for any absences, which can be found on the network inspection tab (please see question 3). 
  3. Can you add the text “no available tips” if there are none, or at least attach an explanation? 
    1. After the widget has been initialized, we will call the functions of “betBoosterWidgetLoaded(insightsLength)” or  “betBoosterWidgetReloaded(insightsLength)” after the mapping is finished with the number of tips. In case of an error like a bad request or server error, we will call the function with the amount of zero. That information can serve you as an indicator to hide the button/carousel. 
  4. Are there any widget designs that I can use? 
    1. Yes. Our default option (“undefined”) returns a drop-down list of tips. However, you can simply apply layout=”{num}” for predefined designs. Check out the designs here 
      1. For Layout=” undefined”, see 
      2. For Layout=”1”, see
      3. For Layout=”2”, see 
      4. For Layout=”3”, see
  5. I want to boost my odds in matches with tips. How can I do that? 
    1. The odds management is only on the customer’s side. Having said that, initialization of the widget (as explained in question No. 1) could serve as an indicator of this capability. 
  6. Can the widget support the presentation of different types of odds, such as decimal, American and fractional? 
    1. Absolutely. In order to do that, please add an HTML attribute stating the format (“oddsformat=fractional” for example), if you support odds types that are not only decimal, American or fractional so please contact us for a different solution. 
  7. I’m not interested in tips that are accompanied by very minimal odds such as 1.01. Is there any way to disable it? 
    1. Sure. Just let us know your preferred min-max range and we will set it in our CRM. It can always be adjusted at the click of a button.  
  8. Is the product supported in native apps? 
    1. Not at the moment, but you can use our API solution to present tips for mobile users and build an independent UI based on sample designs that we provide   
  9. Are there any other alternatives for delivering the data on users’ selected bets? I wish to try other solutions. 
    1. Yes. The most robust way to do that is via the “betmarkets”JSON. However, you can also add another attribute that will be named “activeselections” which will hold the outcome ID`s of the selected bets. You will have to update this attribute each time that the user is adding or removing a bet from the betslip. 


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