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Settlement is a message that indicates a settlement of a specific bet/bets, what differs settlement messages from ordinary market messages are the Bet Status (3) and the "Settlement" property - Settlement Options.


  <Header CreationDate="2018-10-03T20:41:29.248Z">
      <Event FixtureId="3882981">
          <Market Id="2" Name="Under/Over">
              <Bet Id="20803443503882981" Name="Over" Line="4.0" BaseLine="4.0" Status="3" StartPrice="1.0" Price="5.0" Settlement="1" ProviderBetId="8" LastUpdate="2018-10-03T20:41:29.138Z"/>
              <Bet Id="2907588603882981" Name="Under" Line="4.0" BaseLine="4.0" Status="3" StartPrice="1.0" Price="1.16" Settlement="2" ProviderBetId="8" LastUpdate="2018-10-03T20:41:29.138Z"/>


   "Message": {
      "Header": {
         "Type": "35",
         "MsgGuid": "572b65ab-1393-41ae-a4ff-f936f7bb3036",
         "ServerTimestamp": "1538599289420",
         "CreationDate": "2018-10-03T20:41:29.248Z"
      "MessageBody": {
         "Events": {
            "Event": {
               "Markets": {
                  "Market": {
                     "Bets": {
                        "Bet": [
                              "Id": "20803443503882981",
                              "Name": "Over",
                              "Line": "4.0",
                              "BaseLine": "4.0",
                              "Status": "3",
                              "StartPrice": "1.0",
                              "Price": "5.0",
                              "Settlement": "1",
                              "ProviderBetId": "8",
                              "LastUpdate": "2018-10-03T20:41:29.138Z",
                              "Id": "2907588603882981",
                              "Name": "Under",
                              "Line": "4.0",
                              "BaseLine": "4.0",
                              "Status": "3",
                              "StartPrice": "1.0",
                              "Price": "1.16",
                              "Settlement": "2",
                              "ProviderBetId": "8",
                              "LastUpdate": "2018-10-03T20:41:29.138Z",
                     "Id": "2",
                     "Name": "Under/Over"
               "FixtureId": "3882981"


ElementData TypeDescription
The unique ID of the market
Market.IdintThe unique ID of the market
stringThe name of the market
The main line of the market (if there is one)
IdintThe uniqueness of the bet id is for a specific market under a specific fixture
NamestringThe name of the bet
LinestringThe line of the bet
BaseLinestringThe baseline helps you group all bets that belong together. In the example above – all bets with the same baseline (0:2) belong together
StatusenumThe status of the bet
StartPricedoubleThe initial price of the bet, when it was first introduced
PricedoubleThe price (odd) of the bet
SettlementenumRepresents how the bet was settled (resulted)
ProviderBetIdstringOPTIONAL: The bet ID, as shown by the provider
LastUpdateDateTimeTimestamp representing the time the bet was last updated
ParticipantIdintOPTIONAL: Reference ID to the participant in the fixture
Note: Provided in outright fixtures or in player's markets 
ProbabilitydoubleOPTIONAL: The Probability field is configurable per customer request. Probability won't be calculated and will be sent with value= "-1" in the following cases:
  1. one of the market bets is suspended. 
  2. one of the market bets is equal to or lower than 1.00 (similar to suspended).
  3. The market is a special market and TRADE360 cannot calculate fair odds or probability.
If the probability ="-1", customers should not calculate the cash-out amount for the bets under this market (or line in case of a market with lines)
PlayerNamestringOPTIONAL: Appears only in player props markets, which are markets where the player's names are the bets.
SuspensionReasonintThe reason the bet was suspended
PriceUSstringOPTIONAL: The PriceUS field is configurable per customer request.
The price (odd) of the bet in American odds format
stringOPTIONAL: The PriceHK field is configurable per customer request.
The price (odd) of the bet in Hong Kong odds format

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