Livescore important notes

Modified on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 at 05:04 PM

  1. Periods, scores, statistics and time MAY be reverted due to mistakes made by the data providers.
  2. The current total score of the event can be found under the Scoreboard element. The score for every individual period can found within the Period elements.
    Note: Every period contains the score relevant to that period alone
  3. As a part of our data quality improvement, new periods and statistical types may be added all the time. Make sure your system is dynamic enough to cope with unidentified types.
  4. A loss of coverage will occur if we are not able to provide data for an event due to technical difficulties or faulty data.
    Note: Should a loss of coverage occur – all bets will be suspended.
  5. There are several events that we are offering live up to 30 minutes before the event’s actual start time. Those events will be sent with the status “9”, which indicates that the event is about to start. The status is the attribute of the Scoreboard element.
  6. The period type “80” stands for “BreakTime”. This period applies to ANY break during the live event. The type of the break will be in the Description attribute of the Scoreboard element, as seen below:
<Scoreboard Status="2" CurrentPeriod="80" Description=”1” Time="2700">
  <Score Position="1">2</Score>
  <Score Position="2">1</Score>


  • Time
    • Time direction will be ascending until the end of the half.
    • During halftime, the time will always be 2700 seconds.
    • During overtime halftime, the time will always be 6300 seconds.
    • When the event is finished (without overtime), the time will always be 5400 seconds.
    • When the event is finished (after overtime), the time will always be 7200 seconds.
    • During penalties, there will be no time available.


  • Time
    • Time direction will always be descending.
    • At the end of every period, the time will be set to 0.
  • Periods
    • During NCAA events (College male basketball), the periods will show as halves (10 – 1st Half, 20 – 2nd Half) instead of quarters as usual.


  • Periods
    • When the Tennis match is finished, the period “60” (Game period) will be removed as it is no longer relevant.
    • The serving player will appear under ExtraData element, within the “Turn” key. The possible values are 1 or 2 (according to the participant position).

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