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Scoreboard Model

Note: All child nodes are an array of Score




  "Status": 2,
  "CurrentPeriod": 10,
  "Time": "1560",
  "Results": [
      "Position": "1",
      "Value": "0"
      "Position": "2",
      "Value": "0"
AttributeData TypeDescription
StatusenumThe current status of the event
DescriptionenumProvides additional information regarding the current status of the game
CurrentPeriodenumThe type of the current period of the event
TimeintThe current time of the event (should the sport support time) Note: The time is given in seconds

Score Model

SourceData TypeDescription
ScorestringThe score of a specific participant in a Scoreboard or Period element
Score.PositionintIn 2-participant events the positions will be 1 (home) or 2 (away)

For outright events the positions will represent the initial position of the participant

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