Outright Resulting

Modified on Sun, 26 Feb, 2023 at 2:13 PM

The outright livescore element holds the participant's Id and Name and their result:


  <Competition Id="3310" Name="Wolverhampton" Type="1">
      <Event FixtureId="1234567">


   "Message": {
      "Header": {
         "Type": "39",
         "MsgGuid": "01017c9c-beb3-47d0-9f8e-110c22dab96e",
         "ServerTimestamp": "1575369435847"
      "Body": {
         "Competition": {
            "Events": {
               "Event": {
                  "OutrightScore": {
                     "Status": "3",
                              "ParticipantId": "11111111",
                              "Name": "Participant1",
                              "Result": "1"
                              "ParticipantId": "22222222",
                              "Name": "Participant2",
                              "Result": "2"
                              "ParticipantId": "33333333",
                              "Name": "Participant3",
                              "Result": "3"
                  "FixtureId": "1234567"
            "Id": "3310",
            "Name": "Wolverhampton",
            "Type": "1"


ElementData TypeDescription
OutrightLivescore.ParticipantResultsArrayAn array of ParticipantResults elements.

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