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The fixture element holds general data about the event.


<Fixture LastUpdate="2017-03-04T17:12:00Z" ExternalProviderId="578713">
<Sport Id="6046" Name="Football"/>
<Location Id="243" Name="England"/>
<League Id="67" Name="Premier League"/>
<Participant Id="19" Name="Liverpool" Position="1"/>
<Participant Id="3" Name="Arsenal" Position="2"/>


  "Fixture": {
    "LastUpdate": "2017-03-04T17:12:00Z",
    "ExternalProviderId": "578713",
    "Sport": {
      "Id": "6046",
      "Name": "Football",
    "Location": {
      "Id": "243",
      "Name": "England",
    "League": {
      "Id": "67",
      "Name": "Premier League",
    "StartDate": "2017-03-04T15:30:00Z",
    "Status": "3",
    "Participants": {
      "Participant": [
          "Id": "19",
          "Name": "Liverpool",
          "Position": "1",
          "Id": "3",
          "Name": "Arsenal",
          "Position": "2",
    "Subscription": {
      "Type": "1",
      "Status": "1"


ElementData TypeDescription
Fixture.LastUpdateDateTimeTimestamp representing the last time the fixture was updated
Fixture.ExternalProviderIdintOPTIONAL: For your convenience, an ID of the fixture in a provider of your choosing
Sport.IdintThe unique ID of the sport
Sport.NamenameThe name of the sport
Location.IdintThe unique ID of the location
Location.NamenameThe name of the location
League.IdintThe unique ID of the league
League.NamenameThe name of the league
StartDateDateTimeTimestamp representing the start date of the fixture
StatusenumThe current status of the event
FixtureExtraDataarrayArray of Data
ParticipantsarrayArray of Participant
Subscription.TypeenumYour package type
Subscription.StatusenumThe current subscription status of the event in your package

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