GET Sports

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The following request will provide you with a list of supported sports by LSports:

Method - POST

?Body Scheme

    "PackageId": YourPackageId,
    "UserName": "YourUserName",
    "Password": "YourPassword",
    "LanguageId": LanguageId

Parameter breakdown

ParameterDescriptionMandatory Field
UsernameUsername as it apparrs in the package
PasswordPassword as it appears the package
PackageIdPackageId as it provide by LSports

LanguageId as a filter opportunity
Type : int?


Response Scheme

    "Header": {
        "HttpStatusCode": 200
    "Body": {
        "Sports": [
                "Id": 274791,
                "Name": "Rugby Union"
                "Id": 274792,
                "Name": "Rugby League"

  • If the request is without “LanguageId” - the response returns a list of “Id” and “Name” in English.

  • If the request is with “LanguagesId” that InValid - ErrorCode 400 and error message - "Incorrect request, please enter a valid Language and resend your request."                                                                          

  • If the request is with “LanguageId” and there are some sports that don't have a translation in this language - it's not returned (without an error).

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